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Standard vs. Reverse Roll

A Simple Guide to Roll Direction for Motorized Shades


Welcome to the epic showdown between Standard Roll and Reverse Roll! In this blog, we'll help you decide which roll direction is best for your motorized shades. Learn how window or door handles impact this choice, and we'll show you practical examples to make your decision a breeze. Let’s get rolling!

Standard Roll

Standard Roll is the go-to choice when there are no big obstructions in the way. This option lets the fabric fall close to the glass, giving your windows a clean and sleek look.
Example: Check out this window! Although it has a small handle, it doesn't take up much depth, so we went with the standard roll for a neat appearance.
Standard Roll
When the window is deep like in this example, a standard roll is the best option.

Reverse Roll

Reverse Roll to the rescue! When you've got large handles or other obstructions, this roll direction allows the fabric to fall away from the window, giving it plenty of space.
Example: This door has a big handle that sticks out. We chose the reverse roll to keep the fabric from getting in the way, ensuring smooth operation and a flawless look.
Reverse Roll
Figure 1: The door has a protruding handle. A reverse roll is the best choice to avoid interference with the handle.
Reverse Roll
Figure 2: A close-up of the reverse roll, with the fabric falling in front of the handle, without touching it.